Programe de contabilitate şi management


We are specialized in business software development for small and medium-sized companies. Since its establishment in 1990 HAMOR Soft has developed its own software distribution network in different areas of Romania. Our costumers can get support from approximately 30 specialists.
Our products have more than 2,000 users in Romania.

Main Software Products

  • hCONT - General Accounting
  • hBILANT - Balance Sheet and Analysis
  • hMARFA - Stocks-Sales & Financial Management
  • hSALAR - Personnel and Wages
  • hIMOB - Fixed Assets and Depreciation

Our applications can operate on both Linux and Windows operating systems.

Connections between HAMOR Soft's programs and other programs

The name HAMOR Soft and our main applications are registered trade marks at the Romanian State Office for Inventions And Trade Marks (OSIM). Our software applications are registered in the Registry of Computer Programmes at the Romanian Copyright Office (ORDA).

Other Services

  • Software Assistance
  • Consulting for Software and Accounting
  • Implementation of Linux Servers


We are a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Covasna (www.ccicov.com)

Since 1998 the company is founding member of the Employers' Association of the Software and Services Industry (www.anis.ro).

Since 2013 we are a member of the Enterprisers' Association of Ciuc Region (www.csve.ro) and we belong to the IT Plus Cluster.


Mezei, Arpad - Software Systems Manager
Mobile Phone: +40-722-726070